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India accuses Pakistan of 'territorial greed' after Islamabad raises Kashmir issue at UN

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 1 November 2019, 13:38 IST
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On Thursday, India slammed Pakistan at the UN General assembly committee meeting after Pak representative raised Kashmir issue once again. India accusing Pakistan of having 'territorial greed' said Pakistan has been involved in 'frantic attempts' despite Jammu and Kashmir never being on the UN agenda of 'Right of Peoples to Self- determination'.

Pakistan's outgoing UN envoy Maleeha Lodi while speaking in a meeting of General Assembly committee, said Kashmiris have been looking to get their inalienable right to self-determination as envisaged by 11 UN Security Council resolutions.

However, hitting back to Pakistan allegations, India's permanent mission to the UN, Paulomi Tripathi said, "The agenda of the right of peoples to self-determination, however, has been sought to be misused once again by one delegation, by conflating it with another situation that does not pertain to the decolonisation or foreign domination context.

"This delegation has been making frantic attempts to gain credibility for its territorial greed and has demonstrated no hesitation in sabotaging this important agenda by callously referring to Jammu and Kashmir, which is an integral part of India."

The "truth is that the issue of Jammu and Kashmir has never been on the United Nations’Right of peoples to self-determination' agenda", Tripathi added.

She further said, "A cursory reading of the document contained in A/74/309 makes it clear that the agenda for self-determination, as envisaged by the UN, does not include Jammu and Kashmir,"

"Self-determination in the UN context refers to the rights of people that have been colonised or continue to be under foreign domination. It clearly refers to the peoples of non-self-governing territories or trust territories," she ended up saying.

First published: 1 November 2019, 13:38 IST