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Income Tax officers donating part of their salaries to government school in Bhopal

News Agencies | Updated on: 1 August 2018, 8:36 IST

Since last one year, a group of Income Tax officers from Bhopal have been donating a part of their salaries for the education of the students of the Shaskiya Prathamik Primary School in Shahpura area.

The officers have apparently taken a pledge to visit the school regularly and makes sure that the basic needs of the students were met. Not only this, they also provide the kids with basic necessities like shoes, books, pen, and pencils.

Rohit, a student at the school, told ANI: "Officers from Income Tax Department came and provided us with books, shoes and other facilities. They also read stories and poetries for us."
A teacher at the school said that the respective officers have been doing this since last one year.

"The Income Tax officers have been doing this work since the past one year. Apart from providing the kids with necessities, the officers also organise big events that help the students to enjoy extracurricular activities," said Aruna Dubey, who is a teacher at the Shaskiya Prathmik Primary School.

"The Income Tax society is near our school. While passing through the school the officers realised that our students need cleanliness and environment-friendly place to study. Hence, they organised a big program regarding this on June 28 last year. After that, they also adopted the school and decided to improvise the facilities of the school as well as help the student with necessary amenities," Dubey added.

The officers believe that the students of this institution should get all the amenities they require.

Senior Income Tax officer R.K Paliwal said, "The Indian Revenue Service (IRS) association in Chattisgarh decided to do something for the society apart from their regular job. The IRS association and income tax colony in Bharat Nagar, Bhopal has a primary school nearby. The school accommodated underprivileged kids. Moreover, the condition of the school was also very petty with no proper facilities. So we decided to organise a health and cleanliness program with the help of the authorities."

Paliwal hopes that the people of the society too lend a helping hand in improving the future of these underprivileged children.

"Mahatma Gandhiji used to say work according to the needs of the people. Our department works on this principle. The people of our department also requested the locals to get associated with any school of their choice to help them progress. I have personally selected a school in Suhagpur district which is 125 km away. We believe and hope that more and more workers will join our association," he added.



First published: 1 August 2018, 8:36 IST