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In Pictures: Roads turn fishing havens and traffic crawls, courtesy rain gods

It is that time of the year again. The time when water logging cripples roads, when every strand of your hair points at a different direction, and when travelling becomes an adventure, thanks to crazy traffic jams. This year is no different. On a serious note, rains across various parts of the country have caused wreaked havoc, bringing cities to a standstill.

A relentless downpour in Gurgaon has choked the roads with knee-deep water on National Highway 8, leaving thousands of commuters stranded.

The city witnessed heavy traffic jams for more than 12 hours after the constant rain left various parts of Gurgaon glutted. In wake of the chaotic situation in Gurgaon, the District Magistrate has directed all schools in the city to remain shut on 29 and 30 July, till the angry snarls clear out.

In Delhi, thousands have been stranded after major traffic jams paralysed roads. Bad civic infrastructure and clogged drains resulted in widespread flooding of roads.

Similarly, in Maharashtra, vehicles were seen submerged in water in Nashik and water logging disrupted traffic in Mumbai.

Meanwhile in Bengaluru, people in the city were actually seen fishing on the flooded roads, using bed sheets, blankets and fishing nets. Locals took to catching fish on the streets as lakes were just overflowing in the city due to incessant rains. In fact, snakes were said to have been found during rescue operations in Karnataka!

On the other hand, the situation is tense in Assam as overflowing rivers affected over three lakh people. Assam state disaster management authority has said that overflowing water from the swollen Brahmaputra and its tributaries has overrun roads in many areas, snapping surface communication, breaching embankments and causing large scale erosion in many areas.