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If she visited Lakhimpur Kheri, she should have also gone to Rajasthan: BJP MP accuses Priyanka Gandhi of differentiating between deaths

News Agencies | Updated on: 12 October 2021, 21:21 IST
BJP leader Dushyant Gautam. (Photo/ANI)

Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) National General Secretary and Rajya Sabha MP Dushyant Gautam on Tuesday alleged that the Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi Vadra is differentiating between deaths of people and termed it as a 'dangerous' practice.

Gautam said while slamming Gandhi, "Priyanka Gandhi is differentiating between deaths of people, she is picking and choosing that where she should go to mourn someone's death and where she should not. It is extremely dangerous and people know where she is going with her antics. If she wants to do an ardaas, she should do it for the women who were widowed during the 1984 riots, she should do ardaas with the families of two schedule caste people who were killed using sticks in Rajasthan."

Earlier on Thursday, a man was thrashed to death at Rohi Prempura village of Hanumangarh district in the state. The deceased has been identified as Jagdish Meghwal.

Four people have been arrested and a minor detained in connection with the case in which a Dalit youth was allegedly beaten to death by a group of persons and his body dumped outside his house in Prempura village in Rajasthan's Hanumangarh district police said on Sunday.

He added, "Politics is not for your own gains. Somewhere they wear a skull cap, somewhere they chant mantras of the goddess. At one place, they show they pretend to be with the farmers but loot their lands at the other. This deception will not work anymore. Your family has looted the nation enough."

Congress general secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra visited Uttar Pradesh's Lakhimpur Kheri on Tuesday to take part in the 'antim ardaas' of farmers who died in the violence there on October 3.

Samyukt Kisan Morcha (SKM) had called the farmers to attend 'Antim Ardas' on October 12 at Tikonia in Lakhimpur Kheri district of Uttar Pradesh, in view of the violence that took place here last Sunday in which eight people including four farmers lost their lives.

On Samyukt Kisan Morcha observing October 12 as 'Shaheed Kisan Diwas', he said, "You can't divide this country into farmers and non-farmers. Those who died in Lakhimpur Kheri, even their families were related to farmers in some way or the other. They should also worry about five soldiers who died in Kashmir. Looking at everything as a vote bank from a political prism is an extremely dangerous practice."

He said while countering Former Jammu and Kashmir CM Mehbooba Mufti's statements, "How many families did she visit who lost their members to the bullets of a militant? She visited the families of the killed militants but did not visit those who lost their family members to a militant's bullet. She differentiates between 'Aryan' and 'Khan' and yet does not pay attention to the fact that even Hindus were also arrested with him. This country is a secular country for everyone. It is not a secular nation for sake of your Muslim appeasement."

Former Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir Mehbooba Mufti condemned the attack on civilians in the Kashmir Valley and alleged that "an official who kills a civilian in the country is shielded."

Speaking at a public event, Mufti said, "We met kin of those who die due to militants' bullets.

Recently, CRPF shot dead a person of scheduled caste (ST) community. Went to meet his family, but the house was locked. What is this system? If an official kills a civilian in the country, that is shielded, but if a terrorist kills a civilian is considered wrong."


First published: 12 October 2021, 21:21 IST