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Here are 5 reasons why spiritual gurus like Asaram Bapu are easily accepted in India

Shriya Bhasin | Updated on: 25 April 2018, 11:28 IST

India is a land of many miracle men who claim themselves to be the 'messenger of God'. A guru is considered to be a ‘dispeller of darkness’. These Godmen are well known for showing people the right path, however, there is no guarantee about the fact that they are themselves on the right track. There are a lot of examples of spiritual gurus in India that have landed themselves in legal trouble for all the wrong reasons and some of them include Swami Nithyanand, Asaram Bapu and the most recent Gurmeet Ram Rahim.

Here are 5 reasons why people of our country believe these self-proclaimed Godmen blindly:


1- Fear

Most religious people fear God. They fear going to hell. They see these Godmen as "God's own Men" who can liberate their soul from sufferings of this world. Fear manifests are social conformance, fear of the unknown, the need to believe in something bigger than everyday things. Some people may even have the fear of celestial punishment if they do not believe.

2- Insecurities

People of our country are filled with all sort of insecurities regarding life, home,family, career etc. And that is when these babas come to rescue. These insecurities of the people and the Godmen go hand in hand.

3- Mislead people in the name of miracles

Faith is like the addiction of marijuana. Once you got affected from it, no matter what quality you get, you will foolishly enjoy it. These Godmen claim that they have a special connection with God that help them to perform miracles and hrough their miracles the problems of people can be solved. They know that people will fall prey to this strategy and they use it to grab power, money and followers.


4- Lack of education

We might say that a large proportion of followers of Godmen are people who belong to the illetrate section of the society. But we cannot ignore the fact that a lot of people who are well literate also believe these self-procliamed Godmen. We might say that people can be literate and yet stupid. Indian people aren't rational. They believe in super natural phenomenon easily than in a scientific explanation of things. They can be fooled and are thus fed upon for a lifetime by these Godmen.


5- Shortcuts

People want shortcuts. They don't want to go to a forest and suffer years od silent meditation to acheive moksh/freedom from cycle of birth and death. For them following these Godmen means filling their pot of good deeds and shortcut entry to heaven.

First published: 16 September 2017, 13:43 IST