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Dehradun Murder: Thrashed, stripped, force-fed toilet water; how Class 7 student was tortured by seniors

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 4 April 2019, 15:59 IST

The horrifying details of the Class 7 student’s brutal murder have emerged after the three weeks of the incident. The 12-year-old student of a Dehradun school in Ranipokhari district, who was buried by the school authorities to cover the heinous crime, was brutally tortured and mercilessly killed.

According to a report in The Print reports, the minor was allegedly forced to wrap his hands and legs around a pipe. After which he was brutally thrashed by his seniors with bats and wickets. Later, the accused stripped him and brutally dipped him in cold water.

The report also says that the accused forced-fed ‘Kurkure, biscuits to him with a bucket full of water from the toilet.’ Everything happened but nobody came to rescue the minor when he was crying for help on March 10, not one of the 200 students or the staff members of the school.

A Few hours after the extreme torture, the minor died of internal haemorrhage. The police investigation reveals that the two accused, Shubhankar (19) and Laxman (19), and three of the hostel staff, who were on the duty that day (Ashok, the physical education teacher, Ajay, the hostel warden and Praveen Mesih, from the school administration) were arrested on March 23.

"While the two class 12 students have been arrested for murder and destruction of evidence, the staff of the school and hostel were arrested under section 201 IPC (disappearance of evidence and giving false information to screen offender)," Ashok Kumar, director general, Law and Order, Dehradun told The Print.

"We also made him take a bath and have rajma chawal in the dining hall before we dragged him to the terrace again," said the statement of the accused, as quoted by The Print.

The arrests were made after the murder was established by the Post Mortem report on March 22. After the Uttarakhand State Commission for Protection of Child Rights were informed about the incident by the victim’s father, its chairperson Usha Negi visited the school the heinous murder case of the minor was unfolded.

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First published: 4 April 2019, 15:59 IST