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Coronavirus Pandemic: Specially-abled child from Indore wins COVID battle

News Agencies | Updated on: 26 June 2021, 0:17 IST
Simi Dutt, with her mother Anju Dutt ((Photo/ANI) )

Simi Dutt, a 12-year-old specially-abled child in Madhya Pradesh's Indore has managed to overcome odds and win the battle against COVID by staying in home isolation.

According to her parents one of the teenager's lung and kidney as well as one of her hands had not developed since birth. She contacted COVID in December 2020 and due to a dip in her oxygen levels she had to be put on continous BiPAP oxygen support for a long time.

"During pregnancy my wife's sonogram did not show the problems in the development of my daughter's fetus. After she was born we discovered that the left side of our daughter's body had not developed properly and she did not develop a lung, kidney and hand. But for us she is normal. We treat her normally and she wants to do everything by herself and doesn't like to take anyone's support. She has a very strong will," said Anil Dutt, Simi's father.

He said the during the second wave of COVID-19, Simi suddenly started facing breathing problems and was tired all the time.

"Her oxygen levels had dropped to 40-50. We contacted her doctor who lives in Chennai and who has been treating her since 2017. He guided us and we kept her on oxygen BiPAP at home. We gave her medicines on time and finally she recovered," the father added.

Although the 12-year-old managed to defeat COVID, her mother Anju Dutt told ANI that diseases have left her daughter weak.

"Simi has lung problem since birth. She is fond of sports, but ever since her COVID infection, she gets breathless in a short while," she said.

However, Simi herself is ever optimistic and have learned to take her medicines and operate her oxygen concentrator herself.

"I like skating and basketball. I also like cycle. I am a student of class 7th. Some time ago I had some Covid like symptoms. My oxygen level went down. The doctor suggested that I should get an oxygen concentrator. I learned to operate the machine myself," said Simi.


First published: 26 June 2021, 0:17 IST