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Aarushi Talwar's grandfather breaks silence in a tell-all open letter

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 10 February 2017, 1:49 IST

The film Talvar seems to have opened a floodgate of emotions and questions relating to the 2008 Aarushi Talwar murder case. Days after the film released, investigating officer in the case, joint director Arun Kumar, played by Irfan Khan, said that he believed Rajesh and Nupur Talwar are innocent. In an interview to NDTV, he said that investigations in the case were botched up.

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Aarushi's grandfather and war veteran Group Captain BG Chitnis (Retd), who had stayed away from media glare till today, has finally broken his silence.

In an emotional open letter, he pleaded for a free and fair trial for the Talwar couple. He also revealed that the Noida police had repeatedly warned them to stay away from the media and not speak up "to hide their incompetence".

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Here's the full text of the letter:

I had an angel - Aarushi - as my granddaughter who was lovingly brought up at our - her Grandparents' house - since she was born in May 1994. I had seen her blossom into a doe eyed, beautiful, radiant and sparkling young girl who brought into our lives boundless happiness and joy.

But the destiny, at its worst, separated us from her just as she turned 14 year old, in a most cruel manner. She was murdered in her own house, in her own bed.

When I saw her lifeless like a doll in her bed, I was numb with unimaginable shock. I could see faces around me with pairs of eyes following me. Some with curiosity, some moist, some with unbelievable blank expression, to fathom what had happened. I saw my daughter Nupur crying copiously and Rajesh - Aarushi's father, moving around aimlessly, not knowing what was happening around.

The days passed, with a boorish local police trying to investigate the murder in a disinterested manner culminating into the arrest of Rajesh, and subsequently infamous press briefing by IG Meerut causing unprecedented uproar in the media. UP Police had repeatedly warned us not to talk to as it would adversely impact the case but their motive was otherwise. They wanted to keep us away from the media to hide their incompetence.

The media became ferocious with speculative character assassination of Aarushi and her parents. The onslaught was severe. This bizarre circus continued throughout the trial culminating into an astounding judgement declaring Nupur and Rajesh guilty, and sentencing them to life in prison.

When the judgement was pronounced, I literally sank on my knees, eyes overflowing with tears, body and soul completely battered. Destiny had delivered them and us another crushing blow and my world collapsed around me once more.

At 83, I do not think that I would be alive to see them out of jail, but I want to die knowing that people will continue to fight against this huge injustice. I feel completely let down by the institutions, by establishments, be they are police, media, CBI or judiciary.

I am not asking for anything wrong to be done. I am not asking anything more than what is legally due to them. Just as I have protected the country's honour when I was in the air force, is it not their right for a free and fair trial, and restore their honour, or whatever is still left by now? I fought two wars for this country, I served the country with honesty, integrity and utmost dedication, and at this old age, this is what I get in return from every respected institution of this country?


Sometimes I wonder if this is the country I dreamt about, and fought for.

- Gp Capt. B G Chitnis (Retd.)

The letter was published on the Facebook page 'Free The Talwars' on 10 October, 2015.

First published: 13 October 2015, 1:57 IST