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Storage Hacks for a Small House

Catch Team | Updated on: 27 April 2017, 15:52 IST


Are all your home décor dreams crashing because of space crunch? Do you often see stuff lying all around your house due to lack of space? Your dream home maybe still a few years away from you but until then you can easily make your small home look clutter-free and creative enough with some amazing storage solutions and hacks. We all have a dream of owning a BIGG house and decorating it in a way that the world around envy’s it. And owning one in a big city like Chennai is nothing less than an achievement. Though reaching out to the best interior designers in Chennai through UrbanClap is easy, but that feeling of redoing the look of your house on your own is priceless.

So, why not make the most of what you have? Follow these intelligent storage hacks and give your house an instant facelift.

Think Vertical

One of the best ways to deal with small spaces is by storing things vertically. From bringing home vertical bookshelves, ceiling hanging cloth racks to adding floating shelves, you can do it all. Vertical storage would clear ground space and make enough room for other items to become a part of your décor. That lampshade you every day stalk online, can become a part of your house with this small change. Go ahead, get this done!



Use the Space Under the Bathroom Sink

All the space under the bathroom sink can be easily utilised by putting in a simple iron shelf or a wicker basket. Use it for storing bathroom essentials like cleaners, scrubbers, etc. Also, you can use the space to store dirty laundry, towels, shampoos, conditioners and more. Say goodbye to towels and bottles lying all around the bathroom with this simple yet affective storage hack. Ting!



Make Use of the Kitchen Walls

A kitchen with less space can wreak havoc in your life. Clear clutter from your kitchen countertop by making maximum use of the empty walls. From using wall hooks to getting wall-mounted dish racks, you can do it all to make your kitchen look spacious and free from all the unwanted clutter. But make sure you are hanging the utensils on an easy-to-reach height.

P.S. – Stay prepared to win some amazing compliments from your guests for your creativity.



Opt for Double Duty Furniture

The furniture industry has evolved amazingly. The new-age furniture pieces not only lend your space an aesthetically appealing look but also prove to extremely intelligent. Furniture items like sofa cum beds, ottomans, nest of tables and more are a space-friendly addition to any home.

Versatile enough to be used both as a bed and a sofa, there are some sofa cum beds that also come with storage option. It is truly a life cum space saving addition to any home. Nest of tables on the other hand, is a set of 2 or 3 tables stacked within or onto each other. A great addition to your living room, they easily make extra table space whenever the need be and act as the perfect spot to display your exclusive collection of curios. With independent support panels, nest of tables is certainly a blessing for small homes.



Bring Home a Clothing Rail

Don’t have enough space in your cupboard to accommodate all your clothes? A clothing rail can be a big help. Easy to move around and keep organised, it’s worth investing in a sleek clothing rail. Hang your everyday clothes on the rail with the help of hangers and make it stand anywhere in the house you want. The bar at the bottom can be used to stack heels. Fashionable and creative, a clothing rail will be a valuable addition to your space.



Follow these smart yet simple storage hacks and give your small home a creative approach that will be loved by all.


First published: 27 April 2017, 15:52 IST