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October 18: Know your horoscope for the day

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 18 October 2017, 6:22 IST

1- Aries

No matter what it is you want out of life you must never compromise your ideals or your values.

2- Taurus

Loved ones will happily follow your lead, so be confident and show them the way.

3- Gemini

Some individuals may not appreciate your loud and assertive manner but you can afford to ignore them because the people who matter will be impressed by your go-getting attitude.

4- Cancer

Emotions are powerful things and today’s eclipse is sure to bring at least some of them to the fore.

5- Leo

Identify your number one ambition and focus on it to the exclusion of everything else.

6- Virgo

The less others know about what you are up to the more successful you will be.

7- Libra

New friendships can easily be made now, so long as you keep an open mind.

8- Scorpio

If you stand your ground and refuse to compromise they will be the ones who blink first. Act tough and you will win big.

9- Sagittarius

Do something out of the ordinary today, something your rivals won’t forget in a hurry.

10- Capricorn

Sometimes you have to be ruthless, both with yourself and with other people, and the current cosmic climate will make it easier for you to make the kind of decisions.

11- Aquarius

You won’t be able to do it alone though. Join forces with people who share your needs and desires.

12- Pisces

You will get the chance to move up on the work front this week and you must seize it before it is gone again.

First published: 18 October 2017, 6:22 IST