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New Year 2019: Planning for a trip this New Year? Don’t forget to keep these things in your bag

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 27 December 2018, 13:05 IST

Holidays are the best time to enjoy with our family and friends. Many plans to spend holidays at home while some plans a trip. The New Year holidays are going to arrive and many of us are planning to go somewhere either with family, friends or alone.

If you are also planning a trip then planned in such a way that it will not affect hard to your pocket. Some few things to keep in mind before you heading off towards your destination.

However, a lot of things comes to our mind before going on a trip, of course, money is the priority besides, some other things also necessary that should be in your bag while travelling.

Check out the list of items that will make your journey, a joyful trip:

1. Travelling documents:

It is necessary for everyone that documents related to your trips like train/flight/bus tickets, passports, your id cards and others. However, keep them in a file or in a plastic bag.

2. Don’t forget your mobile phone accessories:

Mobile is the life of anyone’s life and everyone loves to take photographs and selfies at beautiful locations. So, it is important that the phone should be charged and also enough space should be there. Therefore, keep your charger and also power bank which will help you to remain in touch with others and will not affect your social life too. If you are taking a camera then, keep the spare memory card along with a camera charger.

3. First Aid:

The most important thing that should not be forgotten while going anywhere. Always keep some basic medicines that you often take at your places also. Keep some bandages, pain sprays, hot water bag or any other specific medicine that will prove to be a saviour in your tough time.

4. Water-proof jackets and bags:

You never know that when rains can come. So, if you don’t want to spoil your journey due to rain then, keep some water-proof jackets, bags and also umbrella or raincoat that will save you and your items to get wet.

5. Don’t overweight your bags

If you want to enjoy your trip then always keep in mind that don’t keep unnecessary items that will make your bag overweight and will prove to be a burden for you. So, keep only those clothes that are really necessary for you.

First published: 27 December 2018, 13:00 IST