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Horoscope: Check out astrological prediction for Aries, Libra and other zodiac signs

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 5 April 2022, 12:13 IST
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Every zodiac signs have their own traits and characteristics which define someone’s personality. Wouldn’t it be helpful if you started your day by already knowing about what’s going to happen.

Read to find out whether the odds will be in your favour ot not.


Financial front remains strong. An excellent opportunity is imminent for the salaried. Those sick are likely to recuperate and enjoy good health soon. Dull family life may make you want for a change. You may get the opportunity of travelling someplace you had wanted to go. Getting your choice on the academic front is most likely.


A deal you have secured may turn out to be a money maker. Your own efforts will enable you to come back in shape. Carelessness at work can get you on the wrong side of a senior. Spouse or a family member is likely to plan a surprise for you on the home front. A sightseeing tour may be organised with friends or relatives. You are likely to get the opportunity to go in for property that fits your budget.


Some of you can encounter a stroke of good luck. Selflessness will enable you to stay fit and enjoy total health. Those learning something new on the work front will finally get the hang of it. Family will be most supportive and give timely advice. A long drive undertaken by some today is likely to be a pleasant one. You will find your performance on the academic front on the upswing.


Riches comes to you and keeps the cash register ringing. You may begin something new on the health front. A business trip without any outcome may prove heavy on your time today. You will be able to solve a contentious family issue to the satisfaction of all. You may be asked to be a part of an exciting trip that someone is organising. Good options will be found by those searching for property that fits their pocket.


Financially, the horizon brightens as money pours in. A chance to become part of a prestigious organisation is on the horizon for some. Some of you may take up a sport or fitness training just to remain in shape. Changes being brought about on the home front will meet your expectations. Those setting out on a long journey will enjoy it better, if adequately arranged. Help on the academic front is on the cards.


Someone may help you find ways to make money. Health of those feeling under the weather is likely to get better. New clientele and growing reputation vows to give young professionals a new high. You may not be in talking terms with spouse or a family member today. You are likely to be part of the trip organised by your friends. Progress on the academic front will be more than good enough.


Financial wisdom of some will help them in saving tax. Home front can give massive delight. An official trip materialises and opens the doors for newer opportunities. Eating right may prove your key to good health. You are likely to take a step closer to acquiring a new property. You remain on solid ground on the academic front. You will manage to keep a step ahead of your foes.


Its time to invest in schemes that you are confident of. Successfully crossing every obstacles in getting what you want at work is foretold. You will turn serious where health is concerned and make efforts to remain fit. You can figure as a beneficiary in a family will. Travelling to meet someone close is on the cards for some. A suitable accommodation that fits your pocket will soon be found.


Money register may continue ringing non-stop, fitness training holds much promise for the lazy amongst you. You can be instrumental in organising a family get-together. Travel promises better opportunities as you resolve to follow every lead. A property owned by you may start giving good returns. On the academic matter, things start to turn favourable.


Good health is assured as you resolve to shake a leg. Your well-wishers will keep your flag flying high on the social front. Financially, you will be able to better your position. A family youngster will achieve something that will make you proud. Students will be able to seek guidance to overcome academic difficulties. Things expected later are likely to happen sooner than expected.


Your professional stars are on the rise and will help make your mark on the career front. You can burn your fingers by trusting someone with your money. You own efforts will help keep you fit and energetic. A family event is likely to keep you happily engaged. An exciting trip planned for the future will keep you all excited. Good news awaits those waiting for possession of a new property.


Hard work and persistence are likely to open new avenues of income. Your good work will earn you a special assignment on the professional front. Those physically inactive may find someone to get them started. You can suffer from loss of self-confidence, but family will provide you emotional support. You will be able to show a good account of yourself in a competition.

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First published: 5 April 2022, 12:13 IST