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'Healthy obese' may be just a myth

News Agencies | Updated on: 27 November 2017, 11:54 IST

Have you heard of healthy obese? Wondering if there are healthy obese people too?

Research shows that so-called 'metabolically healthy' obese people are still at higher risk of cardiovascular disease events such as heart failure or stroke than normal weight people.

Dr. Snehal Singh (MSc. Psychotherapy and Counselling), Healthians has debunked obesity myths and has unveiled few facts:

Myth 1- I am a healthy obese.

Fact - The concept of healthy obese does not seem to be true. Can people who are obese be considered healthy, if they do not have any health problems? If your weight is much more than required, it does increase your risk of obesity and other lifestyle problems. Also, an active and physically fine looking person may have many underlying health conditions that are causing obesity.

Myth 2-Chubby children have baby fat, will outgrow it

Fact-Chubbiness in children needs to be dealt with properly and timely to prevent obesity in children. Nearly half of obese children can become obese adults. An appropriate diet and active lifestyle is important even for children to stay fit and healthy.

Myth 3- Breastfeeding protects kids against obesity

Fact -Breastfeeding has great health benefits for the baby and the mother. However, obesity can result if other causes of obesity are present in the child, whether breastfed or not. Taking necessary steps in time is important.

Myth 4 -Eating more causes weight gain

Fact - It is not the quantity but the quality of food that matters. Also, the fact is that even starving and skipping meals can cause obesity. Timely meals, type of foods and the portion size plays a major role in fighting obesity. People, who consume fat burning foods, eat more often and yet lose weight. A balance between what you eat and what you burn is important.

Myth 5 - Obesity is hereditary, so blame your genes if you are obese

Fact -Genetics can be a contributing factor, but your lifestyle says it all. You are obese not because obesity runs in the family but because no one runs in the family. Healthy lifestyle can debunk this myth.

Myth 6 - Only obese people are prone to higher cholesterol levels

Fact - Not true. High cholesterol levels can be due to various reasons; obesity is just one of them. Not all obese have high cholesterol and not all those who have high cholesterol are obese.

Myth 7 - An obese person is inactive as well

Fact - Let us not confuse between obesity and lethargy. Lethargy is the culprit behind lesser physical activity, not obesity. Obese people can be active and work towards losing weight to reduce their health risks.

Myth 8 - All obese people are more prone to diabetes

Fact - Not true. Not all obese are diabetic. Diabetes has its own set of causes and risk factors and can be seen in lean people too. Being physically active and following a healthy lifestyle is more important to reduce such health risks. Know your risk of diabetes with regular blood glucose tests.

Myth 9 - Dairy products lead to obesity

Fact - It is important to modify the forms of intake of diary in your diet, but do not eliminate them completely. Dairy is rich in protein, calcium and other essential nutrients, which should not be missed. In fact, for many, the right type of dairy helps to lose weight.

Myth 10 -Obesity can be treated with diet alone

Fact -An appropriate diet and exercise plan is just a part of managing obesity. But obesity treatment may also include treating related conditions, use of prescription weight loss medications and weight loss surgeries for those who are extremely obese or when other methods of weight loss have failed.


First published: 27 November 2017, 11:54 IST