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Have you tried these 5 new types of sex? If not, then you should definitely give them a shot!

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 10 August 2018, 17:52 IST

Sex! That's probably one of those activities that everyone at some point of their life loves doing it and doing it with the one you love in different styles makes it even more special and exciting. You don't always need an occasion or a reason to do it and you can practically do it anywhere you want to be it your bedroom, hotel room, car, library wherever.

Sex is probably one of those activities in which you indulge yourself the maximum times in your life and so it should always be done in such a way that it turns you on and makes you excited just like the way you did the first time in your life. There are a lot of ways in which you can make your sex life more spicy and we bet you might have tried a few but we have some more that you should definitely try.



Sometimes when you indulge in the act during some time, it happens so well that you want to have it again like the same way and hence it becomes one of your favourite types and so we have an addition to the list. These types of sex you should definitely try at some point in your life and we bet it will be exciting, unlike the usual type.

Here are five types of sex you should definitely try once!

1. 'Angry and the makeup' sex




You've had a bad fight with your partner and you want to resolve it as soon as possible. You are angry with him/her, show it off in your act and it will work off 100%. Your strong emotions and angry passion will ignite the fire in you even more. You can however make the next session as the makeup session and take it a little slower to pacify things.

2. 'Breaking all the nearby things' sex




Sex can be more fun if you can make it or break it. Yes! That's right. You might accidentally break things that lie around you but it will give you a feeling of excitement when you will do it on a purpose. Break things around you like a lamp, clock or maybe your bed!

3. 'Make it louder' sex




Moaning is natural but what would happen if you start making noises that could actually irritate or maybe envy your neighbours of your exciting sex-life. Play your favourite playlist, or play a porn film on full volume or raise your volume that will actually add fun during the act and you will definitely get some weird looks from your neighbours that will remind you of the fun time you had.

4. 'We are never going to try that position again' sex




Sex positions are something that really add on to the excitement and newness in your life but what happens when you try a new position and it goes all wrong and you have to suffer the whole day. Well, it is actually fun. You can actually laugh on a position later reminding how funny or how terrible and how you managed to carry on despite the fact that you were in all pain. You never know you might get perfect in it and you would want to try it next time you are planning to do it.

5. 'Comical' sex




Why make love in the same type when you can make it funnier and happier. Smile, laugh and crack jokes while doing it. That will actually add fun to your sex-life and you will remember it until the next time you will do it. Laughter will help in creating more neuropathways in your body and help give you more pleasure and help you get orgasm faster and better.

First published: 10 August 2018, 17:39 IST