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Amazing products to make breastfeeding easy and convenient

News Agencies | Updated on: 31 July 2017, 11:13 IST

Motherhood comes with a mixed bag of emotions, right from the feeling of excitement to the fear of doing the right thing and some new challenges every single day!

Since your baby is completely dependent on you, it becomes more difficult and pressurizing on the part of the mother to fulfill all the needs of the baby. Feeding a baby is one of the most important tasks that need the most attention.

According to WHO, the nutrition during the first years of life are crucial for the life-long health of the baby. That's why doctors also recommend the policy of exclusive breastfeeding for at least initial six months.

However, due to many physiological & external factors like inverted/ sore nipples, severe backache due to repetitive feeding, low milk production or shying about nursing in public, the new mothers may not be able to feed the child properly.

Considering the importance of breastfeeding, the booming mother and baby care industry in India has a lot to offer for the lactating mothers to make this process easier and comfortable, says Vijay Goel, spokesperson from U-Grow India & Director of Sunheri Marketing Pvt. Ltd.

-Silicone Nipple shields: This product is one of the most amazing solutions for lactating mothers who have issues like flat or inverted nipples which makes it difficult to feed the baby. Silicon nipple shields are ultra-thin device that is placed over the nipples to make the process of breastfeeding easier. The product is a boon for premature babies who can be fed easily. These nipple shields are easy to use and serve their purpose effectively. Various leading baby & mother care brands offer the best quality silicone nipple shields at the best price!

-Breast Pumps: The breast pumps are the new wonder product for all the new mothers who are unable to feed the baby naturally. These breast pumps help to extract the mother's milk which is then fed to the baby through the sipper. The market is full of electronic & manual breast pumps that are highly efficient. However, it is important to maintain hygiene during the process. Wash your hands before extracting the milk. Also, make sure that the breast pumps are thoroughly cleaned & sterilized every time you use them. The European brand U-Grow has some amazing options in breast pumps which are of high-quality, high durability and cost-effective.

-Nursing Bra: Gone are the times when women do not have any option but to change every time they feed their baby. With the emergence of nursing bras, the experience of breastfeeding has become easier and convenient. The nursing bras support the growing breasts at the time of pregnancy & lactation. The common features include wide straps, extra soft lining, no underwire and some extra hooks & clasps in order to make the nursing easier.

-Wipes: The wipes are one wonder product that comes handy especially while feeding the child. Right from cleaning the breast pumps to wiping the baby, these wipes are a great way to maintain hygiene. The market is full of bleach/alcohol-free wipes that are skin-friendly and can be used for various other purposes like cleaning baby's toys & high chairs.

-Nursing Covers: For those who feel a little awkward feeding the baby in public can definitely pick this product. Available in cotton fabric with a broad neckline, the nursing wrap allows the mother to have a direct eye contact with the baby while he is being fed. The nursing covers allow ventilation and are easy to clean, maintain and store. Most of the leading brands in the industry offer a wide array of nursing covers in attractive designs and patterns.

Apart from all the above mentioned products, a nursing pillow, a baby bottle sterilizer, disposable nursing pads are some amazing products that are available in the market today.

These products not only make it easy but comfortable breastfeeding experience for the new mothers and convenient for the baby as well. 


First published: 31 July 2017, 11:13 IST