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‘Harmless' white lies people tell their partner

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 12 March 2018, 14:09 IST

Let’s be honest—we all might have lied to our partner at least once at some point in the relationship. While lying is surely not a good practice but sometimes we utter little harmless lies, or twist the truth, to make our partner feel good, don’t we? For instance, your partner has gone the extra mile to cook something special for you. Even if it does not taste great, you still appreciate it. The lie does not you cost anything, but surely brings a smile to your partner’s face. Is not it a harmless act? Maybe, honesty is not always the best (and wisest) policy! Here’s a list of white lies your partner may have probably told you…

1. I think of you all the time

First, it is practically impossible to think about anyone (forget your partner!) round the clock. But we generally say it to make our significant other feel special. As far as you know your intentions are right and you actually love them, there is no harm in saying how much you think of him or her ‘all the time’.

2. You have a great sense of humour

Most of us are guilty of saying this to our partner when they have actually not done or said anything funny or humorous enough to earn this compliment. It’s just one of those sweet nothings that save the relationship some damage and keeps the boat floating. But yes, in case your partner has a knack for cracking really bad jokes, you will surely end up telling them the truth one day. 

3. I like your friends

It’s not necessary that you and your partner share the same opinion for every person. There could be a chance that your girlfriend or boyfriend may not like some of your close friends but they still pretend that they do. Maybe, they do not want to hurt your feelings or manipulate your opinion about them. They will eventually end up lying about how they feel about your friends. But look at the bright side! They are doing this to make you happy.

4. You're looking amazing(read: you aren't looking fat)

Your partner puts on a new dress or a shirt before going out and casually asks you how they’re looking. Sometimes, our spontaneous reaction is “Oh, you are looking amazing.” Well, it is a common situation that one goes through in every relationship. Until and unless they are looking really outrageous, it is fine to utter this little lie and not spoil their mood for the evening.

5. I will never lie to you

Slow claps for you if your partner has told you this and you blindly believed him or her. Nowadays, it is next to impossible to find a person who speaks only and only the truth, or does not hide anything.

First published: 12 March 2018, 14:09 IST