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Chipka Ke Bol's stickers & mugs will bring you all the cheer you need today

In a little corner of a popular bookstore in Connaught Place, Manav Maini is selling stickers, notebooks and mugs. You\'d notice his table, because the messages on the stickers tell you what perhaps most books will not. At least not so explicitly.

Sample this:

You were born to be real. Not perfect.

Impossible is not a fact. It\'s an opinion.

Sab kaam main hi karoon kya?

Main Angrezon ke zamaane ka nahin hoon.

Maini is not an artist. But he can beat any thanks to his keen sense of observation and wry humour. The funky messages scribbled across his wares can bring a smile to anyone\'s face. What\'s more - none of his stickers are loud, cheap or vulgar.

He sells his wares under the brand name \'Chipka ke Bol\' which he launched sometime last year.

"Chipka Ke Bol products articulate the thoughts or sometimes the angst of people across the spectrum. My Live Love series is a case in point," says Maini.

Within a year of the launch he has over 250 designs - most of which are sold online.

After spending eight years in the telecom sector Maini decided to branch off on his own. He launched himself as a professional photographer and also started Chipka Ke Bol.

Maini says the punchlines come to him naturally. Especially the ones with humour.

"As for the quotable quotes they are mostly borrowed or takes on stuff he has read on Twitter or elsewhere," he says.

His punchlines and quotes are in Hindi, Punjabi and English. In less than a year, Maini has tasted success.

"Mostly everyone has liked what I am doing. The concept is unique and people love the brand name \'Chipka Ke Bol\'."

Its a lot of hard work though. "Since it is a one-man show, I have to divide time between managing online orders, doing offline promotions, taking care of the social media and planning for the future."

His current life story gets reflected in one of his stickers - "What is a holiday?" But as long as the bucks are flowing - Chipka Ke Bol!

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