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Watch Video: A dedicated golden retriever wants to be with his owner, rides along with the ambulance

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 16 August 2018, 13:10 IST

Dogs are not only faithful, but they can feel the pain too that we go through.

Once they know you, they will never leave you for anything.

That's the kind of story is this.

A pet dog (Golden Retriever) was not leaving his owner even after she fainted on the street - and the dog was riding along with her in the ambulance.

The incident happened in the city of Daqing in Heilongjiang, China, and a video was captured which went viral on Chinese social media.

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According to the Shanghaiist, a golden retriever refused to leave his owner after she suddenly fainted on a sidewalk.

As per the nurse, the pet was circling his owner when paramedics arrived at the scene, and they were worried that he would attack them.

However, when they got closer to check on their patient, they realised that the dog was just anxiously waiting for his owner to get better.

A video shows the dog (golden retriever) going in the ambulance, just want to be with the owner.

Watch the touching video shared by People's Daily, China.

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"Under normal circumstances, we do not allow pets into ambulances," explained a doctor surnamed Shao to the Shanghaiist. "However, we could tell that the dog really cared for its master and would help her keep conscious, so we decided to make an exception."

Fortunately, the unnamed patient was soon given the all-clear and reunited with her furry friend.

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"When we saw the patient hug the dog as soon as she woke up we knew we did right bring it along," said Zhang Jihong, the hospital's head nurse, to South China Morning Post.

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First published: 16 August 2018, 13:10 IST