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Strange! Class 6 boy dies after face-slapping game in Pakistan's Punjab province

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 16 April 2018, 15:52 IST

In a bizzare incident, a class six student at the Pakistan school lost his life while playing a strange 'face-slapping' game. The teachers and students gathered in the ground to watch the fight.

The students are from Pakistan's Punjab province, during lunch break time Bilal and Aamir decided to play Thapar Kabaddi which is known as face-slapping. The students are from Government High School Mian Channu, Bilal was slapped hard near his neck, according to the Express Tribune.

The incident took place last month but the video of the fight got viral yesterday. The game started when both the boys started slapping on each others face but the fight took an awful turn when Bilal couldn't bear Aamir's slaps, lost conscious and fell on the ground.

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According to the report, none came to rescue the child instead shifted him to a nearby hospital. The rescue team also arrived half an hour late.

As per the sources, the school administration was lousy to take Bilal to a hospital for medical treatment instantly after the incident. The school is held responsible for the incident as the local police for not carrying out post-mortem of the body, it said.

Face-slapping is also known as Chanta Kabaddi. The game is a popular sport in a lot of cities of Pakistan's Punjab.

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First published: 16 April 2018, 15:52 IST