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Pran Pratishtha at Ram temple: Janaki temple in Nepal illuminated

News Agencies | Updated on: 22 January 2024, 11:46 IST
Janaki Temple in Nepal (ANI)

Janakpurdham [Nepal]: Ahead of the Ram Temple Pran Pratishtha in Ayodhya, the Janaki Temple in Nepal's Janakpur is illuminated with lights as people are keen to celebrate the Pran Pratistha of Ram Lalla in Uttar Pradesh's Ayodhya, which is set to take place today.

Janakpur, said to be the the home of Goddess Sita and her father King Janak, is gearing up its preparation to celebrate Monday with fanfare and gaiety by organizing Deepawali, submerging the city with decorative lights and show.

Speaking to ANI, Pramod Kumar Chaudhary, former chairman of the Shree Ram Youth Committee, said, "Raja Ramchandra after the Vanvas (exile) in Tretayuga, the pain he had to endure; it continued in Kaliyuga as well, he had to struggle for five hundred years in Ayodhya- the birth land of Lord Ram, he had to shelter under the tarpaulin, his pain indeed was the pain of all the Hindus. Our ancestors had fought and struggled hard and the result is here with the construction of the temple of Maryadapurush Lord Ram whose Pran Pratistha is scheduled for tomorrow. On this occasion, I congratulate all the Indian nationals and Janakpur also is in state of joyousness."

From Nepal's Janakpur, the Chief Mahanth along with the Chotte Mahanth have been invited for the ceremony and have already set off for Ayodhya. Earlier, Janakpur sent offerings locally called Bhaar to Ayodhya as a part of the ritual, which included ornaments, cuisines, clothes and other daily essentials.

Janakpur, maternal home of Goddess Sita is also set to hold a slew of events on the day of Pran Pratistha. As it plans to hold Deepawali on Monday evening, artists will make "Rangoli" using colours as well as flowers. The collection drive to light up about 2,50,000 oil-fed lamps is underway with over 2500 litres of mustard oil already collected for Deepawali on Monday evening.




First published: 22 January 2024, 11:46 IST