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Donald Trump's resistance to President-elect Joe Biden harms the US

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 13 July 2021, 0:55 IST

COVID-19 cases and the resultant deaths in the United States are on the rise but the President-elect Joe Biden has no access to the official information on all critical issues and Trump is in no mood to relent.

The US is going through a transition process - the President-elect Joe Biden gets a handle on the key issues before taking full charge of the administration - but this is by no means smooth. US President Donald Trump refuses to concede defeat. This could flare up problems in nearly two-months time when Joe Biden and Kamal Harris get to rule the country.

COVID-19 cases spiralling but the country faces lack of direction

The hospital in the US and the health services are reported to be working at their optimum levels and soon the system will find it very hard to accommodate more COVID-19 patients for emergency treatment and care. As per reports, Joe-Biden and his team members have no access to the official health data. So, putting an effective strategy to fight COVID-19 remains a big challenge.


Economy, jobs and social distancing measures need attention

Jobs and economy of the US would be hard to turn around when the COVID fight requires social distancing and localised possible lockdown. Joe Biden faces the daunting task to improve the new job data while enforcing strict social distancing measures.

Internation relations and climate need real fixing but this again suffers as the Jobe Biden team is being denied access as per the media reports.


Polarisation runs deep but combat efforts appear shallow

Donald Trump might not have won the election but votes in his support highlight the fact that the US is divided and polarised on many issues and racial tension requires all concerned parties to come to the discussion table.

Sadly, confusion prevails.

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First published: 17 November 2020, 9:22 IST