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Cocaine Babe: 24-year-old Canadian woman sentenced to 8 years in prison for smuggling cocaine worth millions of dollars

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 19 April 2018, 11:14 IST
Melina Roberge

A 24-year-old Canadian woman Melina Roberge along with her friend Isabelle Lagace posted their travel pictures on Instagram of 2016 summer which usually most of the teenagers of her age will love doing it. She posted pictures of her intercontinental adventure on a cruise ship that was docked in 17 ports in 11 countries and final destination was Australia.


Melina Roberge (left) and Isabelle Lagacé

One of her posts was even captioned as “Traveling is one thing. But travelling with an open mind, ready to taste everything, see everything, learn everything and get yourself out of your comfort zone ... is probably the best therapy and lesson ever. I used to be afraid to get out of my little town and now I feel like I don't want to see that little town anymore cause it's beautiful out there and it's so worth it."

Post sounds very normal which most of the youngster would have written of her age but, the twist in the story is that upon arriving Australia, the ship was thoroughly searched and nearly 35 kg cocaine was recovered from her cabin and nearly 60 kg from the cabin of Andre Tamin, a 60-year-old wealthy Canadian man whom Roberge called as a sugar daddy.

On Wednesday she was found guilty and convicted for 8-year-imprisonment for trying to smuggle cocaine worth millions of dollar.

Their first Insta picture was captured in New York's Times Square, then a picture where they were having coffee in Ireland. The Third picture was captured in Bermuda beach where both of them dressed like bikini babes and captioned the pictures “Gone to a place very peaceful — leave a message after the tone." They even got a tribal tattoo done and then what happened was widely publicised with headlines like 'Cocaine Babe'.

Roberge said the court that she was a professional escort and was on a trip with Tamin. She was also invited to go on a drug-smuggling trip to Morocco the next year.

Court has given strict directives to not give her parole for at least four years and later deport her to her.

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First published: 19 April 2018, 11:14 IST