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TN horror: Self-styled godman asks family to sacrifice 5-month-old baby for shocking reason

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 16 September 2020, 16:53 IST

In a shocking incident, a self-styled godman asked a family to sacrifice a 5-month-old baby in Tirunelveli’s Tamil Nadu.

The accused man was identified as Kiranarajan. He wanted the family to sacrifice the baby so that he could unearth a hidden treasure that he had seen behind their house. The whole incident happened in front of the baby’s grandfather and father.

According to timesnownews.com, Kiranarajan was an acquaintance of the baby's grandmother.

The incident took place in Tamil Nadu.

Reportedly, the accused man had also demanded Rs 3.2 lakh to construct a house for a family in Tirunelveli. The grandmother of the 5-month-old baby, Parvathy also paid the amount to the Kiranrajan.

As per the reports, the self-styled godman is an alcoholic. After a few days, when Parvathy asked Kiranrajan about the status of the construction, he claimed to have seen a treasure behind the plot.

Then, the man alleged that he could retrieve the treasure if they sacrificed a cat and a rooster. Without thinking, Parvathy ready to sacrifice both animals, The News Minutes reported.

On Monday, the accused man visited Parvathy’s home for the sacrifice. However, the cat ran away from the house. After this, the self-styled godman said that the family must sacrifice their child to complete the procedure. The godman also said that he would return on the next day to complete the rituals.

A relative of the family, identified as Sornapandi, reached their home and stopped the rituals. He also informed the police about the incident. The police immediately came into action and booked the accused godman and arrested the two persons involved in the incident.

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First published: 4 August 2020, 23:38 IST