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Tacit Support: Mehbooba Mufti reposes trust in Taliban, shuns oppressed Afghans

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 9 September 2021, 23:25 IST
Mehbooba Mufti (ANI)

Only yesterday PDP chief Mehbooba Mufti had high hopes from terror outfit Taliban when she said the Taliban can set an example for the world if they follow the real Sharia law.

Mufti's statement appears to support the acts of the Taliban if they follow "real Sharia law" in future. Now check the facts: The Taliban have formed an interim government with the induction of terrorists involved in heinous crimes against women, children and humanity at large. These so-called evolved Taliban militants have also indulged in the oppression of women, stopping them from getting higher education, forcing them to wear hijab and allowing them to come out only if escorted by a male.

Mehbooba's wishful thinking or tacit support to Taliban?
Mehbooba Mufti, instead of standing for the rights of women, girls, children and oppressed Afghans, advises the Taliban to follow real Sharia law.

Oppressors can't heal wounds with guns
What makes her believe that the Taliban is just waiting for her to help them understand 'real Sharia law'? The Taliban militants have their interpretation of the Sharia law. They are determined to rule that way. Now, a senior woman politician in India should realise the implication of her statement and should be giving her voice to the rights of the oppressed.

Mehbooba Mufti issues clarification
Mehbooba Mufti claims that her remarks concerning Sharia were deliberately distorted.

Mehbooba misses the point
The question is not her remarks about Sharia but her expectation and tacit support to those who have been perpetrating havoc on civil society in the name of their religious laws and freedom.

The former chief minister of Jammu and Kashmir, who made a series of tweets, also said that the Afghanistan crisis has only worsened increasing Islamophobia. "Not surprised that my statement on Sharia has been deliberately distorted. Cant point fingers since most countries that claim to uphold Sharia have failed to imbibe its true values. They are only fixated with restricting women through do's and don'ts, dress codes etc," she said.

Unholy support to Taliban
No matter the bleak track record and present ghastly acts of the Taliban, some leaders in India can't stop supporting the Taliban militants. Their fixation to have a rule of Sharia law based political dispensation makes them overlook the fallacies of those who have no respect for rule of law.

First published: 9 September 2021, 19:03 IST