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Punjab: Police team gets into brawl with couple, shots man in thigh, slaps woman

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 28 June 2022, 9:36 IST
Punjab police fires at youth

Punjab under AAP has been getting a lot of bad publicity for the deteriorating law and order situation. Now, a video has surfaced in which a police team is hackling a couple. When the tempers go even high, one policeman slaps the woman. In the heat of the tension, one policeman fires at the youth in the thigh.

"We were standing on Hebatpur road when a police party arrived & misbehaved with us. They wanted to check my wife's bag. They were drunk and they fired upon my brother," said Akshay, brother of the victim.

 In the video, there are a lot of abuses hurled by the police first. We are not sharing the video with our readers because of the graphic nature of the content. Further, we can't independently verify the authenticity of the video.

According to the police team the couple is responsible for all the mess.

"We were patrolling when we saw a couple standing near the road. We asked them where they had come from. They started fighting with us and a Sub Inspector fired upon them. They also tried to rip my uniform," said one of the policemen.


Now, when the couple was not armed, and there were sufficient number of policeman present on the scene, there was no need to fire at the youth. They could have easily overpowered the youth and gone ahead with the proceedings.

The couple was not a terrorist but this behaviour of police has raised many question about the functioning of police in Punjab.

According to the latest update, the policeman accused of shooting the youth has been suspended.

(More details awaited)

(With ANI inputs)

First published: 28 June 2022, 9:10 IST