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Media is frustrating at times, it's essential to support it: Justin Trudeau's top quotes from IIM-Ahmedabad

Divya Hemnani | Updated on: 19 February 2018, 17:22 IST

The Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his family are in India on a week-long visit. Trudeau visited historical places like places such as Taj Mahal, Jama Masjid, Sabarmati Ashram and will soon visit Golden Temple. He is in India on a week-long visit. On the agenda is a meeting with Prime Minister Modi on February 23 where talks related to civil nuclear cooperation, space, defense, energy, and education are expected to take place.

Trudeau participated in an event at IIM-Ahmedabad and will also interact with representatives from the film industry. His visit aims at strengthening bilateral relations between the two countries in key areas of mutual interest trade and investment, a statement from External Affairs Ministry said.

“Wheels up for India and a busy visit focused on creating good jobs and strengthening the deep connection between the people of our two countries,” Trudeau had tweeted on Friday before embarking on the trip.

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Here are some of the top quotes by Justin Trudeau:

Trudeau spoke on sexism that women faces on daily basis, "No statement on how a man looks is not even an eyelash-worthy of the kind of sexism that women have to face every day in various ways, says Trudeau in response to how people commented on his nice hair when he was campaigning."

He also said that gender balance is a smart choice, " If you think that men and women should get equal opportunities, you are a feminist, it is that simple, says Trudeau. He goes onto explain that gender balance in terms of opportunities isn't the right thing to do but the smart thing to do in terms of growth."

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" The idea of ideal citizen does not just rest on surface attributes like ethnicity or racism, it is more dependent on shared values that a society subscribes to, says Trudeau. He adds that young people tend to get that kind of openness and they understand how defined you are in your choices," said Trudeau regarding the idea of ideal citizen.

"Media is frustrating at times but it's essential to empower and support it," said Trudeau.

Trudeau about cynicism said, "Cynicism is spreading across the world and the way people easily draw lines along communities is deeply worrisome. Hope is important and can usher growth, cynicism telling voting is uncool doesn't."

Trudeau told IIM Ahmedabad students about climate change, "Canada has enough fossil fuel resources to not be bothered about climate change but that's not the right path. It is important to take oil resources to market at a reasonable price. It's important to find a middle ground and move ahead in a responsible way."

Canadian PM about entering into politics, " The potential path I was taking going into politics was entirely my own, not necessarily my father's. The decision was because I had to say certain things to the masses, not just because it was dynastic politics. Politics is unpleasant in certain ways and incredibly rewarding in other ways. Familial expectations isn't a way to be successful in politics."

First published: 19 February 2018, 17:22 IST