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International Women’s Day 2019: How #MeToo Movement became voice of change

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 8 March 2019, 13:01 IST

In the male dominating society where women fight against gender inequality and different types of ‘harassment’, the world celebrates a day as ‘International Women’s Day’ on March 8 in honour and repect and a focal point in the movement for their rights. On this day the world comes together to celebrate women, without whom the society is half-finished. From decades women are fighting for their rights and respect.

Well, for many, the struggle begins from home like never-ending combat of their life. Several NGOs and activists come up with various ‘feminist’ campaigns like ‘#BoldForAChange’, ‘#NoConditionsApply’, ‘#MeToo’, ‘#AbusedGoddesses’, ‘#WomenPower’ and many more.

Among these campaigns, one has made a lot of noise in past few years. A movement started by women for women. In the era of the internet, the #MeToo movement has given voices to several women’s scars that were mum for years. MeToo movement has opened a door for a conversation on sexual and other forms of harassment on women that were otherwise brushed under the carpet.

The credit for starting the infamous movement in America in 2006  goes to 45-year-old Tarana Burke. However, the movement has gathered buzz only in 2017 when several public figures in the US were shamed for their ill-doing. Well, India was speedy to follow the suit, with crusaders standing up their tyrant.

Hashtag #MeToo Movement India:


In 2018, India witnessed an upsurge of the #MeToo movement, which was inspired by a global campaign against sexual harassment and assault at the workplace about which women chose to open up and uncover abuse by men in positions of power by sharing their side of stories of victimisation.

The movement spread like a wildfire after a Bollywood actress accused her co-actor of sexual harassment on the set of a film. This led the numbers of women from actors, film directors to advertising top guns, artists and writers and politicians, women professionals to call out obnoxious behaviour and bring allegations of sexual harassment against a number of men.

#MeToo Movement: A Voice of Change for Indian Women


This feminist hashtag movement gave all victims, survivors, activists to voice their deep and mute scars on their skin to the soul, a way to spread a message, to end the silence and to unite. Me Too movement in India has opened the floodgates for many working and independent women in India.

The #MeToo campaign has provided a much-needed gateway for Indian women to voice the “enough is enough” message. Also, many have termed it a ‘revolution,’ as well-known figures in India vocalized their stories and opened the gates for many others.

However, not only in India but globally, women are expected to “prove” that they have been victimized and are speaking the truth. So, due to this for many, the journey to justice is not a cake walk. As all women deserve equal access to justice and safety. It’s elite, upper class, empowered and financially independent women who are voicing their stories of victimization. But, lower class, rural, uneducated and disempowered women are close-mouthed.

No More #MeToo: A movement for all


To make the #MeToo movement to have greater impact and be truly revolutionary, not only women but men should too join the debate against the abuse and harassment. This needs to reach each and every community across India. The #MeToo movement is yet another catalyst to tackle the gender-based violence that permeates Indian society at all levels, in all communities, and across all institutions.

The mission to combat and end gender-based violence requires men and women to work together. A zero-tolerance approach is needed. Now, a new movement ‘No More #Me Too’needs to be executed and make our country free from #MeToo victims and survivors. Let's pledge to make our country safe for our daughters. This ‘No More #Me Too’ is a movement for one and all. Happy International Women’s Day to all the ladies.

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First published: 7 March 2019, 13:20 IST