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Indian Army to court martial Colonel for affair with fellow officer's wife

News Agencies | Updated on: 8 April 2020, 14:28 IST

A Colonel of the Indian Army will face a general court martial for allegedly having an "inappropriate relationship" with a fellow officer's wife.

The accused officer was posted in Delhi when he developed the relationship with the wife of a fellow Colonel who was also posted in the national capital.

A Court of Inquiry against the Colonel was initiated on a complaint filed by the husband after he saw objectionable content from the officer in his wife's mobile phone.

The probe in the Delhi Area of the Army was going on against the officer for over couple of years and recently the authorities concerned recommended that the officer be tried by a General Court Martial on three charges under Army Act 45 for act unbecoming of an officer.

During the Court of Inquiry, the Army authorities had also taken the officer's phone for taking out evidence where it allegedly came out that he was sending sexually explicit video to the fellow officer's wife, Army sources said.

During the examination of the data of the smartphone of the officer, it also came out that the officer was allegedly indulging in sexually explicit chatting through Whatsapp with the lady, according to the chargesheet.

After taking the charges into account, Army sources said a Brigadier-rank officer of the Army recommended the officer to be tried by a GCM.

The Army has adopted a zero tolerance policy against cases of moral turpitude and corruption as recently a Major General was recommended to be dismissed by a General Court Martial in a sexual harassment case in Chandigarh.

Similarly, a Lieutenant Colonel has been recommended to serve a sentence in jail along with cashiering from service for having an illicit relationship with wife of his close friend, who was also an officer in the Army.


First published: 3 January 2019, 12:32 IST