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Cold, hard cash: boy killed for Rs 105, family gets Rs 35 rent after 52 years

Patrika Staff | Updated on: 13 February 2017, 5:31 IST
At callous Jaipur hospital, woman is forced to give birth outside toilet

Rajasthan claims to spend crores of rupees on its Janani Suraksha Yojna every year. Yet, just this month, two women were forced to give birth outside Jaipur's women's hospital.

One of them was mentally challenged. She had come alone for the delivery and was reportedly roaming around the hospital premises for hours, but nobody took notice. She eventually gave birth outside a toilet.

This didn't stir the hospital staff, however as another woman had to undergo the same ordeal not long after.

The second woman had to deliver in the auto-rickshaw she had come in due to "negligence on the part of hospital authorities", her relatives alleged.

In Chhattisgarh hostel, 2 boys murder 15-year-old friend over Rs 105

It was just another brawl among three young friends over a little money. But it ended in murder.

The incident occurred at the Adivasi Students' Hostel in Korba, Chhattisgarh, where the three boys were staying.

Raju, 15, had gone home for the Ganesh Puja. When he was returning, his parents gave him Rs 150.

He spent Rs 45 on his journey and gave the rest to his 14-year-old friend for safekeeping in his trunk.

But when Raju opened the trunk on 2 October, he did not find the cash. This led to a fight between the two friends.

To settle the dispute, another 16-year-old hostel mate took them to the roof of the adjoining Saraswati Shishu Mandir. All three boys came from Kalmiduggu area.

[twittable]After a fight over Rs 105, Raju's two friends took him to the hostel's roof and threw him off[/twittable]

There, the fight only got uglier. His two friends then ganged up, strangulated Raju with a cloth and threw him off the roof.

They did not stop at that. They took the grievously injured Raju to a secluded place nearby and beat him to death with stones.

The police have arrested the two boys and sent them to a child correction home.

In Mhow, family recovers Rs 35 rent owed by a tenant - after 52 years!

A family in Mhow, Madhya Pradesh, has finally received a rent of Rs 35 owed by a tenant. Only, it took them over half a century of legal battle.

A local court has ordered the family of one Babulal to pay the descendants of Chittarmal the original sum as well as Rs 35 for every month since 1963.

The bizarre case dates back to 1962 when Chittarmal asked Babulal to vacate the room rented out to him after paying the pending dues of Rs 35.

Babulal refused, and the case went to the court in 1963.

What followed was an excruciatingly delay in the delivery of justice that is a characteristic of the Indian judiciary.

Over 52 years, the case was heard by 24 judges, eight of whom, as well as four lawyers, died while the case awaited judgment.

Babulal and Chittarmal have also since died. The money will go to the third generation of Chittarmal's family.

Over the decades, the two families had made several attempts to settle the dispute out of court but nothing ever materialised.

First published: 7 October 2015, 9:26 IST