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David Letterman faces internet backlash over resurfaced Lindsay Lohan interview

News Agencies | Updated on: 15 February 2021, 10:05 IST

American television host and comedian David Letterman recently got slammed on social media over a resurfaced interview with Lindsay Lohan in which he seemingly mocked her for going to rehab.

According to Fox News, the interview in question was from a 2013 episode of 'The Late Show' in which Lindsay was on hand to talk about her new movie and TV project, ahead of a very public stint in rehab.

Recently, a Twitter user uploaded a video showing excerpts from the interview in which Letterman seems to go off-book and makes light of Lindsay's addiction, despite her clearly becoming uncomfortable.

Undeterred, the clip shows Letterman continuing to press the actor to talk about rehab and her wild lifestyle. Lindsay continued to try and playfully shut the line of questioning down by telling him they'd discussed this in the past.

The resurfaced clip prompted some extreme reactions from people on social media as his name began to trend on Twitter.

Replies to the 2013 interview chastised Letterman for "the misogyny" and for perpetuating the "stigma of addiction and rehab." While some users continued to call Letterman "rude" and "unprofessional" for his personal questions, others praised Lindsay for her poise and maturity.

One Twitter user wrote, "I think she was super strong and stood her ground in such an elegant way. Its one thing for people you know to criticize the moments that test your strength, and to have to do that in front of an audience and millions at home? So much respect for her."

Another person wrote, "I wanna say David Letterman is allowed to make mistakes, but he's been on TV since forever. I wanna say this could be a norm in 2013, but it's painful to watch. Let's all just learn from it."

As per Deadline, the outpouring of support for Lindsay during the interview came at the heels of a Craig Ferguson monologue that also recently went viral. In the interview, the former 'Late Late Show' host defended Britney Spears against harsh jokes and jabs about her personal life and struggles.


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First published: 15 February 2021, 10:05 IST