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Same weight, so different: 10 transforming pics that define healthy workout

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 12 April 2018, 17:01 IST

Work out the right way and look different even on the same weight. Losing weight is not an easy task and when you do it in a right way, you get the results. However, some people don't like to lose weight but still want to look different.

Now, when you're working out, eating proper meal and taking rest, and trying to improve your health conditions, it's evident that you analyise your progress to check the results. The first thing you do is you look into the mirror and then you think about weighing yourself because that is the best way to measure your progress.

However, that's not always the case.

The bone of contention why it's not at all appropriate to fixate on the number on the scale. People always forget that the reason your weight only indicates your body mass index (BMI), not your body composition, is the amount of muscle versus fat you have on your body. It is fact that your body composition makes a huge difference in what you look like even though it can't be measured by the scale.

It is a fact that muscle does not weigh more than fat, although it does occupy less space in your body, which is why probably you might look leaner after building muscle or even if your weight doesn't change.

Now this will surprise you, the following women have posted photos to spread the message that, you don't have to rely on your weight to measure your performance toward your fitness goals.


"How heavy or light you are, does not define what your body will look like, weight measures nothing else but how heavy your body is",  Gundy writes in the caption of her photo.


There wasn't any change as per Leanne on the scale when she toned up, revealing that weight can't always measure progress.

"This is why I find the scale to be so problematic. It does not take into account SO many factors, like for example how much of your weight is actually muscle and how much is fat, the time of the day you are weighing yourself, the time of the month, whether or not you have eaten, etc.," the blogger wrote.

kelseywells/ Instagram

"There was nothing wrong with my body, but there was everything wrong with the way I viewed it," Wells writes in the caption to her photo.

nessasphere/ Instagram

The picture of Brewster shows how much difference of muscle gain can make in your looks. The transformation happened as a result of her working as a personal trainer.

adrienneosuna/ Instagram

A healthy diet and appropriate exercise always reflect on your body. 

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First published: 12 April 2018, 17:01 IST