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Got a hangover from last night's party? Try this homemade remedy

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 30 April 2018, 16:31 IST

Sometimes we all feel guilty about having a night full of drinks and smoking which results in a wicked hangover.

You think consuming water will help but it won't. Hangovers have an annoying way of finding you the next morning, right as you’re trying to crawl out of bed to go to work.

If last night was a suffering, don't worry because we are here to help. This is the easiest solution you need.

Hangovers are no fun, but you can turn it around by preparing this healthy green elixir which will help you conquer dehydration and soothe away any troubling thoughts leftover from an over-enthusiastic weekend.

And also, it does tastes delicious!



Lettuce (Two handfuls) (preferably romaine)

An avocado

A cucumber

A cup of melon (cantaloupe)

1/4th cup of cashew nuts

A mint leaf

One or two cups of coconut water (filtered water will also do)


1. Chop up all the ingredients (Also helps you to release tension)

2. Pop everything into a blender

Optional extra:

Pop a kiwi into the mix and a slice of lime on the side of the glass – it will look and almost taste like a cocktail (that you may or may not want to think about if you're hungover).


A Chinese study published recently in the journal Food & Function found that soda water increased the activity of an enzyme called acetaldehyde dehydrogenase (ALDH) that rapidly breaks down the hangover chemical acetaldehyde. They found that the soft drink Sprite has a similar effect.

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First published: 30 April 2018, 16:31 IST