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Rainwater Harvesting Systems Absent in Government Buildings

Catch Team | Updated on: 19 June 2024, 19:55 IST

Sujangarh (Rajasthan): Despite the declining groundwater levels and the looming water crisis, the government has made it mandatory for large buildings to install rainwater harvesting systems. However, this directive is being flouted with impunity. Several large commercial and government buildings are currently under construction, but the owners and government officials are showing little interest in installing rainwater harvesting systems.

It is noteworthy that out of the four dozen commercial complexes in the city, none have rainwater harvesting systems installed. The rooftops of these buildings allow rainwater to flow onto the streets and into the drains, going to waste. 

Authorities Not Serious

The government had made it compulsory for all buildings in rural and urban areas to install rainwater harvesting systems. However, the lack of awareness among people and the lax attitude of responsible officials have ensured that the government's instructions are not being implemented.

Responsibility Shirking

Even high-ranking officials, who often speak about water conservation in seminars and government programs, are not taking the issue of rainwater harvesting seriously. The government had spent crores of rupees on installing rainwater harvesting systems in several large government buildings a few years ago, but now most of these systems are lying damaged and defunct. In some places, pipes are broken, and in others, the pits are filled with mud.

"We constructed the SDM office building, but I was not there at the time. I don't know why the pit was not built," said Mohit Parashar, Assistant Engineer, Sujangarh.

"There is no rainwater harvesting system in my office building. It should have been done when the building was constructed. I will try to get it done now," said Omprakash Verma, SDM, Sujangarh.

First published: 19 June 2024, 19:55 IST