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Air pollution affects lungs, heart, overall health of children, says health expert

News Agencies | Updated on: 13 November 2021, 15:24 IST
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The air pollution in Delhi which affects the lungs, heart health and overall health of children is a cause of concern, said Dr Viny Kantroo, Pulmonologist and Chest Physician at Apollo Hospital in Delhi.

Speaking to ANI, Kantroo said, "If you see the level of pollution, the level of particulate is 2.5, which is all the more dangerous than pm 10. It is increasing day by day, due to stubble burning, combustion of petrol, crackers, etc."

"We debate this issue every year, but we are not getting any concrete steps to deal with this level of pollution which is not only hampering our lung health but is also affecting the heart health and that of our children," Kantroo said.

The health expert further said that it is also triggering various kinds of diseases.

"Most children who are asthmatic are affected during this time. Air pollution is one of the reasons behind asthma. Also, children have been at home due to COVID-19 which has led to an increased level of chronic inflammation," Kantroo said.

The expert also said that concrete measures are needed at the administrative, the state, and the central level. "It is our duty to contribute towards a healthy environment and clean this toxic air," Kantroo added.

Further, the doctor said that indoor pollution is equally detrimental to our health.

"The cooking which we do every day also leads to combustion and release of certain combustibles, and the smoke is accumulated inside the houses, especially during the winter months," Kantroo said.

The expert advised keeping at least a window or a door open while cooking and keeping children away from the kitchen.

"You should take children outside to play during the afternoon and evening because the pollutants don't remain stagnant in the lower strata of the atmosphere under sunlight," Kantroo added.


First published: 13 November 2021, 15:24 IST