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Drake gives special gift to his fan at Texas concert

News Agencies | Updated on: 19 March 2024, 9:43 IST
Drake gives special gift to his fan at Texas concert (File)

Texas: Popular Canadian rapper and singer Drake gave a special gift to his fan during the concert at Frost Bank Financial Center in San Antonio, Texas, reported People.

In a video shared on X (formerly Twitter), Drake, 37, struck up a conversation with a female fan in the crowd who was holding up a poster that said "I'm five months pregnant, can you be my Rich Baby Daddy?" in a nod to the track off his latest album 'For All the Dogs', which features Sexyy Red and SZA.

"Well first of all, I don't wanna offend your real baby daddy, but I would love to -- first of all, get you out of the pit so we can put you somewhere safe like the VIP or some s---," he told the fan.

"Cause you can't be pregnant getting bounced around. When I start playing some of these slappers, we can't have you getting pushed around."

Drake then offered the fan a gift, as he said amidst roaring applause, "Second of all, I'd love to give you 25,000 dollars so you can be a rich baby mama."

According to People, over the previous six months, the 'First Person Shooter' rapper has established a habit of showering his followers with extravagant presents.

In August, he stepped onstage in Los Angeles carrying a pink Hermes Birkin bag and scanning the audience for a lucky recipient.

"Drake ain't cheap!" he told the audience before pointing at someone in the audience and handing them the designer purse, which retails for between 10,000 and 30,000 dollars.

In October, Drake gave 50,000 dollars to an audience member who was originally supposed to attend the show with his girlfriend, but the pair had recently broken up.

"I like that sign," Drake said in a video captured by fans. "That's a good sign to pick tonight. Usually, I'll do something nice for a lady. I'll do something nice, I'll give away a bag or some s--- like that." "But my bro right here, he said, 'I spent all my savings buying tickets for me and my ex, but Honestly, Nevermind, it's really Her Loss,'" the musician continued reading the sign, which referenced two of his album titles, Honestly, Nevermind and Her Loss.

Earlier this month, the Grammy winner offered his largest gift to date as he agreed to pay off a fan's late mother's house during a show at the T-Mobile Center in Kansas City, Missouri, reported People.

First published: 19 March 2024, 9:43 IST