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7 Ways to Write Better Essays That Will Get You an Advantage over Your Classmates

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 15 April 2018, 20:14 IST

Submitting better essays than those of your classmates is something we all would love to. However, writing better essays better than those of your friends is not something that happens overnight. It requires sacrifice, and more of the tips am going to disclose in this article. The tips will help you the next time you are going to write an essay. However, if you feel that completing a dissertation is too much task for you, consider using the services of custom essays writers. They are professionals who write at a fee for such clients. For professional writing services, you can try this essay writers.

H2: You Need to Research the Topic

The first step every time you have to write an essay is research about the subject. At this point, you get facts and other crucial information that you are supposed to discuss in your paper. In the study, you can get information from multiple sources such as; newspapers, journals, and books from the library or you could go online and search from the various websites that touch on the topic you are supposed to write on. One crucial fact is that as you do this research, have a notebook and a pen which you can use to write down short notes about events, controversies you come across in your research.

H2: Analysis of Findings in Your Research

After a comprehensive study, you are going to find so much information unlike when you depend on only one source. Some of the information you learn needs to be analyzed before you can put it down so that your paper can get higher points than those of your friends. You need to review the arguments by the various authors and try to understand what makes the information they give essential to include in your essay. Try to understand their point of view; does it match with yours? These are some of the facts that you need to look at before you go to the third step.

H2: Work On Your Ideas

After doing your research and analyzing the information, you now need to work on the ideas that got to your mind as you did your research. Am sure that you noticed patterns, questions, reactions, and observations. These are what you are going to use to make your work more exciting and mind capturing.

H2: Making an Outline

At this stage, you are required to form an idea of how you want the essay to flow. The main parts of a well-written article are an introduction, body, and a conclusion. Therefore, you are to structure your paper so that you know what ideas you want at the beginning and what should appear at the end. Nevertheless, at this point, you should not consider examples to include in your paper.

H2: Develop Your Introduction

Well, the first impression is usually essential and in essay writing the opening paragraph is where you impress your reader and in this case, your teacher - to make him/her want to read your work. You should make this part of your article very interesting, and strong by explaining your point of view.

H2: Work On the Body

It holds the ideas you have researched about the essay. It should be equally impressive as the first section. You should explain the findings of your study at this point. The body is, on average, about three paragraphs, and each of the paragraphs should have different but related points.

H2: The Conclusion

It is usually the last part of the essay. You do not need to explain much at this stage as you have already done so in the previous paragraphs. Here you need to remind the reader your point of view.

H2: Now You Need to Polish Your Work

You have already accomplished several steps in writing an essay that will win you more points than those of your friends. On the other hand, that is not everything there is to do. You need to polish up your work. You need to review how the teacher wants your work. In what format does your tutor want it? For instance, we have APA, MLA styles. Once you have identified what format your work should be in, you are going to format your work as per the requirements.

Secondly, in polishing your work check for errors that you could have made while writing the essay. Types of common mistakes include incomplete words, punctuation errors, grammatical errors, typing errors. These errors if unattended are going to cause your paper to have so many mistakes. Thus, it might not stand out as the best or among the best in your class. A remedy for this is to proofread your work to see the errors, or you can give it to a friend who could be among your classmates or one from a different class. Lastly, you can also use grammar checking software to check and correct such issues such as one on this.

Thirdly, you need to add in transitional words if you have not used them to connect from one idea or paragraph to another. They spice up your work by giving it flow, and there are many such words you can use: besides, in the light of, and many others you can look that up from the internet.

In addition to the above, you need to check your sources so as not submit plagiarized work. Your tutor wants you to give your original work, and even if you decide to use other people’s work to back your argument, you should cite such work appropriately. If you do not have time to study the points we’ve shared above, it is always good to utilize services of online professional writers. These online-help websites have teams of writers who are trained and experienced to work on papers in the shortest time possible. You don’t have to submit low-quality papers. Trust the services of custom essay writers to get the job done!


First published: 15 April 2018, 20:14 IST