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What more could I ask for, says 'Newton' director on Oscar entry

News Agencies | Updated on: 22 September 2017, 16:17 IST
What more could I ask for, says 'Newton' director on Oscar entry

Amit V Masurkars highly-acclaimed "Newton" has been selected as Indias official entry to the Oscars for the Foreign Language Film category. He says the reviews preceding the film's release and a news like this on the day of the movie's release, is like a "windfall".

"It's like a windfall. We first got all those amazing reviews days before release. Then on the day of the release, we get to hear the film is going as our entry into the Oscars. What more could I ask for," Masurkar said.

"Newton" treads the path of telling a story set in election time in the world's largest democracy.

So how will he take "Newton" to the Oscars considering Indian films never make it beyond the entry gate?

He said: "For now, the fact that 'Newton' has been selected as India's official entry is in itself a big deal for me. I'm still trying to process that information. It's still to sink in. Whether we make it to the shortlist or win or not are thoughts that are far away from my head right now."

He is confident his producers would do whatever it takes to give "Newton" a fair chance at the Oscars.

"My producer Manish Mundra and Aanand L. Rai are people with a vast knowledge of cinema and (know) how to take it where it needs to go. They will do the needful," Masurkar said.

In the meanwhile, he hopes to see "Newton" get some solid eyeballs.

"At the moment, the film's box office results are the most important. We're hoping the film gets an audience," he said.

As for not getting swayed by the raves and the Oscar nod, Masurkar said: "I have the most matter-of-fact and practical parents and girlfriend. They're making sure I stay grounded."

Talking about what made him do a film on the electoral process, he said: "After my first film 'Sulemani Keeda', I wanted to do something within the political space. And I didn't want to make a film about corrupt netas scams and grafts. We've seen enough of that. As I thought of what to do next, visions of polling booths, voting machines and presiding officers kept coming to my mind.

"That's how 'Newton' was born. I wanted to go into a place where we still don't ever go. The electoral process is still not practised properly in many areas. Unless we sort that out, we cannot hope to plod ahead with the democratic infrastructure."


First published: 22 September 2017, 16:17 IST