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Think Dangal and Sultan maybe similiar? Let us prove you wrong

Himesh Mankad | Updated on: 21 October 2016, 15:52 IST

The theatrical trailer of Aamir Khan's Dangal was met with an overwhelming response from all sections of the audience. Since the film is set against the backdrop of wrestling, comparisons with Salman Khan's Sultan, which released earlier this year, are inevitable.

Time and again, both Aamir and Salman stated that the two films are poles apart and the theatrical trailer of Dangal is proof enough. While the basic premise of Sultan chronicled the rise, fall, and rise of Sultan Ali Khan's wrestling career, Dangal, on the other hand, focuses on the emotional journey of Mahavir Phogat and his daughters who eventually go on to win gold for India at the Commonwealth Games.

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Apart from the difference in the basic premise, the two films also seem to differ in terms of treatment. Sultan was an out-and-out commercial entertainer where the director took creative liberties and presented 'a larger than life Salman Khan'. However, Dangal has Aamir Khan underplaying his role with the focus on his daughters' wrestling ambitions and struggles.

Sultan was more about one man's struggle to rise above all odds, including winning the fight against oneself; Dangal is a battle against the stereotypical mind-set in our predominantly patriarchal society which believes 'women can't wrestle'.

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Let's justify this with a dialogue from Sultan and Dangal:


"Asli wrestler woh nahi hota jo medal uthaye, asli wrestler woh hota hai jo zindagi se lade aur usse haraye"


"Gold toh gold hota hai, Chora Lawe ya chori"

The trailer of Dangal suggests it to be far away from all the commercial trappings and seems to celebrate womanhood like never before. The only similarity between the two is the fact that both of them are set against the backdrop of wrestling in Haryana. But well, haven't we seen so many love stories having the same old happy ending?

Watch the trailer of the two films here:

First published: 21 October 2016, 15:52 IST
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