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Sonam Kapoor gets trolled for her ‘grow up’ statement; netizens say ‘tumhara mundan bhi nahin hua behen’

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 16 September 2020, 14:17 IST

On Tuesday, Jaya Bachchan in Rajya Sabha slammed BJP MP Ravi Kisan for tarnishing film industry’s image. As soon as her speech went viral many Bollywood celebs came out in her support including Taapsee Pannu, Abhinav Sinha, Sonam Kapoor among others.

However, among all the tweets netizens attention got distracted by Sonam’s tweet which read that she wants to grow up like her. As soon as she dropped the tweet it called for trolling, they were just not able to take it and reacted hilariously.

One of the users wrote, “Haan....abhi to tumhara mundan bhi nahin hua behen”. While another one read, “"#SonamKapoor Sonam Kapoor tested positive for NOT HAVING BRAIN”.

Here, check out the tweets:

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Meanwhile, after Jaya Bachchan slammed actor-turned-politician Ravi Kisan, Telangana BJP stated that she sounded like a full-blown hypocrite. She hasn't condemned the drug menace, which is destroying the lives of young people across India, including young actors and actresses in her own film industry.”

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He continued that its shocking that Jaya Bachchan is giving notice in Rajya Sabha over conspiracy to defame Bollywood. He further asked whom she is trying to protect. “Her notice and statement in Rajya Sabha today once again exposes the irresponsibility, prejudice, and selfishness of even the senior block of Bollywood actors, who otherwise act as gatekeepers of ethics, morals, and values," Krishna Saagar added.

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First published: 16 September 2020, 14:17 IST