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Why are people objecting to Nargis Fakhri's newspaper advertisement?

News Agencies | Updated on: 14 February 2017, 2:05 IST

After a senior investigative journalist raised objections to a leading Pakistani Urdu newspaper Jang's front page advertisement featuring Nargis Fakhri, Twitter went abuzz with mixed emotions.

Protested the 'obscenity' of the seemingly innocent ad that simply shows a the 36-year-old model lying down with a phone in her hand, Abbasi took to Twitter to say "My strong protest to top jang group management for this absurd front page ad in today's jang," while other users also responded to his outrage, the Express Tribune reported.

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One moral police wrote:

"@AnsarAAbbasi you are right, her beautiful body curves have nothing to do with 3G phone and its "cheap price." I fully agree with you dear," while another said "@AnsarAAbbasi why newspapers are trying to be like playboy or weekend type of magazine ?? These kind o adds look good in magazine not on NP." [sic]


Photo: Twitter

However, some users found the protest absurd instead, with one writing:

"Jitna shor is pe much rha hai agr Taliban, Sipah Mehdi aur Tehrik e nifaz e Fiqah Jafriya pe mchta tou halaat behtr hotay :P" [sic]

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Another Twitterer said:

"@AnsarAAbbasi Ansar has no issues with projecting TTP, killer of 60K Pakistanis but a girl with a phone boils his blood." [sic]

-- ANI

First published: 21 December 2015, 1:00 IST