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Kangana Ranaut hits out at Chetan Bhagat for questioning unavailability of best Covid vaccines

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 29 April 2021, 14:30 IST
Kangana Ranaut & Chetan Bhagat

Bollywood star Kangana Ranaut lashes out at author Chetan Bhagat for raising doubts about the unavailability of the COVID vaccines manufactured by Pfizer and Moderna in the country. The author termed the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic a ‘war-like situation’ and stated that the vaccines must be bought from other nations.

The actress labelled Chetan a ‘pest’ and hit back at his claim saying that they were the ‘best vaccines’. She also asked him to ‘stop hating India’ and things produced in the country

“Pfizer and Moderna are the best vaccines. They have been out since Dec-2020. Why don’t we have them in India yet? Do we not deserve the best? Don’t we buy defense equipment from abroad? Is this not a war like situation? Why does the vaccine have to be made here and only here?” Chetan Bhagat tweeted.

Responding to that, Kangana Ranaut wrote, “Who said they are best? I have friends who took #Pfizer and suffered worse fevers/body aches, when will you all stop hating India / Indian, our own vaccines are much in demand across the world and right now to be #AatmanirbharBharat means boost in our economy, stop being a pest.”


Earlier, Kangana shared a video, urging the citizens to register for the Covid-19 vaccine and get inoculated. Starting 1st May, vaccinations will be opened to all over the age of 18.

“There were many members of my family who did not want to get vaccinated. But I ensured that all of them got registered and made them understand why it is important. On May 1, I will go (for vaccination) with my family and my staff. I urge you to do the same,” Kangana said in a video.

In the last few days, Kangana Ranaut has been actively tweeting about the Covid pandemic in India, attributing it on the ‘population explosion’. The actress also backed afforestation to fight low oxygen levels in the blood.

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First published: 29 April 2021, 14:30 IST