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Woman left devastated when she left salon with disastrous results; see pic

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 5 April 2022, 19:57 IST
Woman left devastated when she left salon with disastrous results;

Many people love to experiment with their hair to look stylish. Bleaching hair is always a risky move but when you put your trust in a professional, you know nothing will happen wrong with your hair.

But, a woman revealed her story on TikTok about her professional hairdresser who ruined her locks.

Morgan, from the US, went to a salon last year to get a stylish platinum blonde look but was left shocked after getting disastrous results from her hairdresser.

Sharing her story with her followers, Morgan said: “I think it’s hysterical now I look back on it but at the time it was super traumatic for me.

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"The person who did my hair had apparently been doing hair for 40 years. They told me she specialised in blonde and I was like 'Ok cool, I want to be blonde blonde … I want to be platinum.' "

But she was later told by her stylist that she wouldn’t be able to have the style that she had asked them and the pair had a back and forth for some time about what she could have done instead.

However, Morgan agreed to balayage, which is a technique of applying highlights to the hair. Through this technique, the stylist won’t need to bleach Morgan’s whole head- which could have damaged her hair because of how dark her base colour was.

The woman allowed her stylist to finish her look without allowing her to see it before it got completed so that she could be surprised at the end. However, things went wrong after her hairdresser told her that there were still “spots” left that needed touching up.

In another TikTok video, she explained: “She blowdries my hair and straightens it for me, and all the while I’m not looking at it.”

"She’s got me turned around and I don’t what to see it until it’s done. I was getting excited,” Morgan told.

"She was like, 'there’s definitely some spots I want to touch up, so we’re going to let your hair rest, and then next week, I’m going to have you come in and I’m going to touch these spots up.'

"So I was like spots? She turns me around and I saw exactly what she meant. I was in utter disbelief. I was in shock. My face, I’m sure it was just white - pale as a ghost."

Instead of flaunting her new look, Morgan was left devastated with chunky blonde highlights and several patches were there that resembled leopard print spots.

She added: "I felt sick to my stomach instantly, there were spots like literally leopard print spots in my hair. I didn’t even have words."

Morgan also revealed the cost of her bizarre hair colour. She had paid the full $150 (£115) for the service plus a small tip, even though she wasn't satisfied with the services.

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First published: 5 April 2022, 19:57 IST