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Video: Split-second decision saves life

News Agencies | Updated on: 20 April 2024, 22:35 IST
Split-second decision saves life

In an extraordinary incident, a truck driver's quick reflexes and presence of mind were critical in saving a young boy's life.

The heart-stopping moment was caught on camera, revealing the incredible actions that led to the boy's miraculous rescue.

It's not uncommon to see children darting across streets without checking for oncoming vehicles. These actions, as seen in the viral video, can sometimes lead to tragic accidents.

Near Miss with a Speeding Truck
In the video, we witness a school bus coming to a stop, and two children disembarking. Without hesitation, they sprint across the road, completely disregarding their surroundings.

Truck Driver's Quick Thinking
Amid this alarming situation, a fast-moving truck suddenly appears on the scene. While one child stops in their tracks, the other continues running and reaches the middle of the road, directly in the path of the oncoming truck.

Swift Action Saves the Day
The video then showcases the remarkable presence of mind of the truck driver, who averts a potentially fatal collision by applying the emergency brakes at the last moment. 


First published: 20 April 2024, 22:35 IST