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Video of two-headed snake swallowing mice goes viral; watch at your own risk

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 27 July 2021, 13:08 IST
Screenshot from the viral video

Social media is full of weird and ferocious animals and creatures that give us goosebumps. Today, we have found one such video that will surely haunt you! Therefore, fainthearted people must watch the video at their own risk.

The viral video shows the two-headed snake Ben and Jerry can be seen swallowing mice.

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The clip was shared by an Instagram user named Brian Barczyk, a vlogger, who loves to travel the world for animal adventure.

He captioned the video, “Two-headed Ben and Jerry eating. Miss all my snakes and animals, but we will be home soon. Having a blast on this adventure and have so much more to share (sic).”

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Since being shared video online, it has garnered over 228k views on the gram.

Netizens are quite surprised and shocked after seeing the video of two-headed snake swallowing mice.

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One of the users wrote, “Never seen a two-headed snake before (sic).”

“Do they have two digestive tracts or does it meet along the way and go into one?” another asked.

An Instagram user wrote in the comment box: “I’m sure your animals must miss you also. I am so looking forward to the next podcast to hear all about your trip. I’ve been listening to all the past podcast the last few days. Just finished the one with Ben and Ryan”

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First published: 27 July 2021, 13:05 IST