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Video: Fearless Reptile Takes on Drone Mid-Air

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 10 April 2024, 13:41 IST
Fearless Reptile Takes on a Drone Mid-Air

Drones are fun tools that take great photos from really high up. There's this wild video online where a crocodile tries to snatch a drone that's recording.

The drone is flying above the water. It looks like the drone's sound annoys the crocodile.

As the drone gets close to the water, the crocodile leaps up, trying to catch it in its jaws. It's a narrow escape. The drone gets away from the crocodile's sudden jump.

Crocodiles are powerful and agile creatures, capable of impressive vertical jumps when launching from a water body. While the exact height a crocodile can jump varies among species and individuals, some reports suggest that they can reach heights of around 1 to 2 times their body length.

First published: 10 April 2024, 13:41 IST