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Scary Video: Tranquillizer dart fired at elephant annoys it; 'Aane' Venkatesh dies in attack

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 1 September 2023, 15:54 IST
Venkatesh dies in elephant attack

H.H. Venkatesh, widely recognized as 'Aane' Venkatesh for his proficiency in firing tranquillizer darts during elephant capturing operations, met with a tragic incident on Thursday, August 31, near Alur.

This incident resulted in his unfortunate demise at the age of 67. Venkatesh was an integral part of the Forest Department's team assigned to capture an elephant in need of medical attention.


The Tranquilizer Dart Incident
Venkatesh's involvement in the operation led him to fire a tranquillizer dart at the elephant. This action prompted a reaction from the animal, causing it to turn and charge toward him. In a frantic attempt to evade the approaching elephant, Venkatesh inadvertently fell into a ditch. Tragically, the animal pursued him and subsequently attacked him.

Medical Response and Outcome
Following the elephant attack, Venkatesh was rushed to a hospital located in Hassan. But he did not survive the injuries sustained during the attack.

Background on the Elephant
The wild elephant involved in the incident had previously suffered injuries from an attack by other elephants. These injuries had been addressed by the Forest Department on August 25. However, it became evident that the wounds had not healed adequately, necessitating further treatment for the distressed animal.

The tragic incident on August 31, resulting in the loss of H.H. Venkatesh, underscores the risks associated with wildlife conservation efforts and the dedication of individuals like him to safeguard both human and animal lives.

First published: 1 September 2023, 15:54 IST