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Insane Stunt: Woman climbs lamp post to show her aerobic skills; netizens term it 'dangerous'

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 22 August 2022, 16:15 IST
Woman climbs lamp post.

The internet has no shortage of videos where people display their talent. While some of the footages are fun to watch, a lot of them raises concerns among netizens as regards to safety.

One such clip of a woman showing some dangerous aerobic moves on a street lamp post is the newest addition to the category of ‘what were they thinking!’ videos.

Uploaded on Twitter by Next Level Skills, the video displays a woman sporting a black dress and heels walking up to a lamp post. As the video goes on, she takes off her shoes and climbs on the lamp post. She then starts performing aerobics on an iron rod sticking out from the post.

While the woman’s flexibility and core strength deserved a clap, people were concerned about the safety of the stunt.

Watch video here:


With more than 890k views, the video has gone viral and garnered a number of reactions. Netizens displayed grave concern about the video. Many pointed out that the iron rods were not strong enough to support the stunt and could’ve resulted in a big disaster and injury.

Others simply wrote about how this trend of doing dangerous stunts has resulted in many life-threatening accidents.

However, there were some who expressed that the woman’s core strength was commendable.



Many YouTubers and even ordinary citizens are increasingly indulging in dangerous and sometimes stupid acts in the hope of getting their videos viral.

They shamelessly cross the limit of decency and put their lives in danger. They even end up encouraging others to indulge in these unlawful activities.

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First published: 22 August 2022, 16:12 IST