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Funny Video: Sweetest Toll Collection

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 13 April 2024, 8:42 IST
Funny Elephant Video

In a hilariously unexpected turn of events, the jungle's traffic patrol took a sweet approach as two elephants assumed the roles of traffic cops. Their chosen currency for passage? None other than sacks of sugarcane!

Picture this: a sugarcane-loaded truck through the lush greenery, blissfully unaware of the sugary detour ahead. Suddenly, it encountered an unconventional roadblock - not a toll booth, but two elephants with a serious sweet tooth.


Cane-Do Attitude

Faced with these jumbo-sized toll collectors, the truck's helper had no choice but to improvise. Instead of spare change, he tossed a couple of sugarcane sacks onto the road. With their keen sense of smell and love for all things sweet, the elephants happily accepted the sugary toll.

Stack, Snack, and Roll

Using their handy trunks, the elephants skillfully stacked the sugarcane sacks, creating a makeshift pathway for the relieved truck driver. As the truck rolled away, it left behind a befuddled crowd of jungle critters, witnessing the peculiar toll-paying ritual.


First published: 13 April 2024, 8:42 IST