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Flashback 2019: From Ranu Mondal to Akshay Kumar’s bottle cap challenge; 10 viral videos that left us stunned this year

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 24 December 2019, 14:32 IST

Only 10 days left to bid adieu to the year 2019 and it’s time to remind the best moments of the year that have made us laugh, amuse, shock and stunned. Thanks to the Internet which has brought such content that became the reason for our entertainment this year.

Let’s take you down the memory lane and recap 2019 viral videos that become the topic of discussion on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc...

1. Ranu Mondal- a story from rags to riches


This is definitely the luckiest year for Ranu Mondal as she became an Internet sensation after her video singing Lata Mangeshkar’s hit song Ek Pyaar Ka Nagma hai went viral. Once the video surfaced the Internet in July 2019, netizens applauded Ranu for her voice. Even Bollywood music composer Himesh Reshammiya signed her for his film, Happy Hardy and Heer.

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2. Indian Farmer sings Justin Bieber song:


The video of Karnataka’s farmer singing Canadian singer Justin Bieber’s superhit song Baby was shared on YouTune by M S Isai Palli. The video has left us stunned because the farmer was singing the lyrics of the English song so perfectly.

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3. MBA student turns traffic police:


In a view to spreading traffic awareness among people, an MBA student turned traffic police and controlled the traffic in a unique style.

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4. Astronaut on the defective road:


The viral video has amused everyone because an artist was walking on the defective road of Bengaluru. His unique step alarmed BBMP to fix the potholes.

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5. Rahul Bose expensive banana bill:


The video has alarmed netizens about how the hotel charged a hefty amount for two banana. Rahul Bose shared the video on his Twitter handle and showed the bill of banana that he ordered in 5-star hotel JW Marriott in Chandigarh. The price of two banana was Rs 442.50.

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6. Lamborghini car got crushed:


The viral video has left netizens stunned when the brand new Lamborghini car of Rs 2,28,25,369 (£250,000) got crushed when the driver lost his control and smashed the car into a tree and a brick wall.

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7. An Egg that broke Kylie Jenner’s record:


An ordinary brown egg on Instagram has garnered millions of likes and broke the record of Kylie Jenner for getting 18 million likes.

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8. Man records video of himself while paragliding

A bizarre video has surfaced the Internet in which a man was seen perplexed while paragliding. Because of fear, he even asked the instructor to reduce the wind speed- ‘Hawa kam karo na.’

9. Footwear that looks like noodles:


A photo of heels has created a buzz on social media for its design like noodles. The photo of the heels was shared by a Diet Prada, a page known for calling out plagiarism in the fashion industry.

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10. Akshay Kumar’s bottle cap challenge:


An extremely amusing challenge was started in 2019 which also made Bollywood to participate. Akshay Kumar was the first who started the Bottle Cap Challenge after inspiring from Jason Statham. When Bollywood Khiladi took the video on Instagram, other celebs from B-town joined him and started accepting the challenge.

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First published: 21 December 2019, 12:44 IST