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Elderly couple went to police station after nasty fight; what police do next will make you smile!

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 14 April 2022, 9:15 IST
Screengrab from the viral video

Uttar Pradesh Police left amused after an elderly couple approached them to resolve their personal matter.

The elderly couple, Shivanath and Janka Devi were involved in a nasty fight which resulted in the involvement of the police.

The couple was living separately after their nasty fight, according to Gonda Police. Later, they were called to the police station to resolve the issue.

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The incident took place in Katra Bazar, Gonda, Uttar Pradesh on April 11. However, it came to light when the video of the elderly couple in the Police station went viral on social media.

SP Santosh Mishra listened to both sides of the elderly couple and then he managed to resolve their dispute.

In the now-viral video, the couple can be seen feeding each other sweets. Interestingly, when the elderly man fed the sweet to his wife, he jokingly told his wife, “Humra hathwa na kaat jaai (Don’t bite my hand).

See video:


The official Twitter handle of Gonda Police also shared the story. “Under the direction of #SPGonda @IPS_SantoshM , the police station Katrabazar presented an example of humanity, by feeding sweets to a 75-year-old elderly couple, a compromise was made between them,” read the caption.

Since the awdorable video has surfaced on the Internet, it has garnered 559.4K views,
4,195 Retweets and 24.7k likes. Netizens thanked the police for uniting the couple by resolving their dispute. People loved the happy ending and applauded Santosh Mishra for solving the matter so efficiently.

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First published: 14 April 2022, 9:15 IST